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Code of Ethics

The practice of paramedicine requires knowledge and compassion, along with concern and sensitivity for the wellbeing of the patient. In keeping with this philosophy, every paramedic shall:

  • Maintain certification with their respective paramedic service, base hospital and Ministry of Health.
  • Conserve life, alleviate pain and suffering and promote health.
  • Provide care based on human need with respect for human dignity, unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, colour, status, sex, religion, sexual orientation, type of illness, or mental or physical disability.
  • Without fail, protect and maintain the patient's safety, dignity and privacy.
  • Preserve and protect the confidentiality of any information, either medical or personal, acquired through professional contact with a patient, except where the disclosure of such information is necessary to the treatment of the patient and the safety of other health care professionals or is required by the employer or the law.
  • Not use professional knowledge, skills, equipment or pharmaceuticals in any enterprise detrimental to the profession or the public well being.
  • During the performance of her/his duties he or she will conduct themselves In a manner that will reflect credit upon the profession
  • Encourage the trust and confidence of the public through high standards of professional practice, conduct, competence and appearance.



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